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If - Green Flag Song Exhibition Opening

Violet Ray Gallery: NY
September 25, 2007

The opening reception for Joni's Green Flag Song exhibition at the Violet Ray Gallery in New York.

This video shows much mingling among the attendees. Still photos of Joni can be seen at :39 to :54 and again at 1:12.

Joni is an admitted fan of the abstract expressionist, Nathan Slate Joseph, who is seen through-out. Near the end of this video Joni can be seen in the crowd (at 2:29) and heard talking about a studio space for their art in a rooftop loft they once shared. The acids Nathan was using, as part of his artwork, ate a hole in the roof and had to be repaired with tar to seal it up again (at 2:32).

Also seen mingling in the crowd is Rosie O'Donnell (at 2:05) and Herbie Hancock (at 1:57).

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