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Joni Mitchell, Disgusted By The Biz, Quits Recording Print-ready version
November 13, 2002

Joni Mitchell, Canadian legend and crotchety music industry critic, has been slamming the music industry every chance she gets as of late. So, it's no surprised that bitter Ms. Mitchell has decided to throw in the towel — after a three decade long career, Mitchell told W magazine that she intends to retire.

"I'm quitting… because the business has made itself so repugnant to me," Mitchell told the magazine. This comes after an interview with Rolling Stone last month in which Mitchell called the record industry "a cesspool" and promised that she would never sign another major label deal.

Sounds a little bitter? Well, Mitchell has the right to be a little bit cranky — although she's cited by many critics and musicians as one of the most influential artists of the folk-rock era, her record sales have never matched her critical praise. Mitchell also pointed to female artists like Madonna (um, you're a little out of date there, Joni — all of the other music curmudgeons blame Britney) for ruining music for serious artists.

But before all you depressed Joni fans lock yourselves in your rooms with a gallon of wine and a copy of Blue, we should tell you that the end has not come just yet. Mitchell will cap her career off with a double album called Travelogue, which will be released on November 18. The album is a collection of live recording performed by Mitchell and the London Symphony Orchestra as well as an all-star backing band that includes Billy Preston, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.

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