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Joni Mitchell Hopes To Release Documentary About New Album in 2003 Print-ready version

by Gary Graff
December 2, 2002

12/02/02, 5 p.m. ET) - Joni Mitchell may be talking about retiring from public life as an entertainer, but she's making a lot of noise before she goes. She's planning a 2003 release for a documentary about the making of her new--and final, she says--album, Travelogue, a set of orchestral rerecordings of some of her favorite material.

Mitchell hired director Allison Anders (Grace Of My Heart) and Alistair Donald (Paul McCartney's son-in-law and director of the Wingspan documentary) to film the album's recording sessions at George Martin's Air Studios in London. The footage captures not only Mitchell's performances with a 70-piece orchestra, but also behind-the-scenes discussions and even a fire at the studio that almost destroyed the master tapes for the album.

Anders and Donald are currently editing the material they have, and Mitchell hopes to debut the finished product at next year's Sundance Film Festival.

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