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Joni Mitchell going into Songwriters Hall of Fame Print-ready version

Canadian Press
November 9, 2006

TORONTO -- Folk music icon Joni Mitchell and country pioneer Wilf Carter are among artists to be inducted next year into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Organizers say the music legends are among four songwriters and 25 songs to be celebrated at a black-tie gala in Toronto on Jan. 28.

Raymond Egan, who wrote songs for films and Broadway musicals, and Quebec chanteur Jean-Pierre Ferland are the two other artists to be honoured.

Classic songs to be inducted include Mitchell's "Help Me" and "Big Yellow Taxi" and Sylvia Tyson's "You Were on My Mind," recorded with her then-husband Ian Tyson.

Canadian tenor Henry Burr and folk music impresario Sam Gesser will each receive a legacy award.

Songs must be more than 25 years old to be considered for the awards, launched four years ago.

"Like previous honourees, the 2007 inductees have made an invaluable contribution to Canada's cultural legacy through the timeless art of song," hall of fame chairman Peter Steinmetz said in a release.

The honour comes as Mitchell is said to be working on her first new album in eight years.

The acknowledgment for Carter, regarded as the father of country music in Canada, comes 10 years after his death in December 1996.

His 1932 recording of "My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby" -- which showcased his yodelling -- is considered the first hit by a Canadian country performer.

Carter, born in Port Hilford, N.S., pursued a parallel career in the United States under the name Montana Slim and performed well into his 80s.

The gala performance will be broadcast on CBC Radio the following day and on CBC-TV in March 2007.

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