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Joni Mitchell; Shine Print-ready version

by Mark Edwards
The Sunday Times (of London)
September 25, 2007

JONI MITCHELL. Shine. Hear Music HMCD30457 ***

As the Italian football team crashed out of the 2002 World Cup, the commentator Barry Davies took them to task for their outdated tactics. "And it's their own fault," he declaimed, "because they WILL NOT LEARN." Davies might enjoy Joni Mitchell's first album since "retiring" (they never mean it) in 2002. Song after song attacks us humans for the way we've handled things recently; then she throws in a new version of Big Yellow Taxi, in which she made the very same points nearly 40 years ago.

The world is screwed, then, and it's our own fault, because we WOULD NOT LISTEN.

Unsurprisingly, this "told you so" attitude does not make for a great album, although fans will be happy to have that voice and those distinctive chord shapes back.

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