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JONI MITCHELL Shine Print-ready version

by SJC
The Sun (English)
September 21, 2007

JONI MITCHELL comes to an astonishing conclusion on Shine -that war is a very, very bad thing indeed. Thanks, Joni, I'll tell everyone I know.

I'm not arguing with her, it's just the lyrics on state-of-the-nation songs This Place, If I Had A Heart and the title track are unbelievably trite -and at odds with the sophistication we've come to expect.

It rather mars Joni's comeback after five years in retirement, a return that on all other accounts is to be welcomed. But there's still plenty to enjoy, not least One Week Last Summer -a beautiful instrumental and the best track -and the stripped-down Hejira feel of the music. There's also a revamp of her eco anthem Big Yellow Taxi, which shows she used to write with a lot more subtlety.

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