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by Carly Ostroff
Gazette - University of Western Ontario
October 23, 2007

After almost a decade on hiatus, Shine marks a radiant return to music for Joni Mitchell, courtesy of Starbucks' record label, Hear Music.

A prominent advocate for peace, her latest album (much like those released in the '70s) is as enlightening as it is politically fueled.

Tracks such as 'If I Had A Heart' and 'Strong and Away' are testaments to her anti-war stance.

Alternatively, the song 'Bad Dreams' provides a quiet, intimate touch that hits close to home.

Lightening the mood is 'Big Yellow Taxi,' which is a revamped version of the smash hit that remains strikingly similar to its original.

Mitchell's album includes an inspired adaptation of the famed poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling.

Shine sheds light on the multiple talents of this accomplished artist. Mitchell covers a majority of the vocals, piano and guitar on a variety of the album's tracks.

Ultimately, her comeback album is a tribute to her folk roots and proves once again that even after 40 years of crafting music, Mitchell remains one of Canada's brightest and most talented artists

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