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Joni Mitchell & Bonnie Raitt Print-ready version

by Jane Fonda
October 11, 2011

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Had dinner with Joni Mitchell Saturday night. Never met her before but she's known Richard for ever. I can't remember when I've had a more intense, far-reaching, multifaceted conversation (right from the moment we sat small talk with Joni) - from Christianity, Buddhism, the Gnostics, different forms of meditation, Ego as the original sin, to living in the wilderness north of Vancouver, the beauty of blue herons, our Black bear encounters (mine more dramatic than hers), medical challenges (hers more dramatic than mine), Georgia O'Keefe (she stayed with her in New Mexico when O'Keefe was 90), painting (Joni paints), innovators versus copy cats and music. It thrills me to listen to musical people (Joni and Richard...or Keith Richards in his autobiography) dig into the minutia of creating musical art. Much is Greek to me but they got into what it meant to have started on the banjo (Joni) and how that influences chords and tuning. She talked fascinatingly about how she always liked to do what hadn't been done musically - unresolved chords, etc, that often made the music honchos nervous. I should have taken notes.

Sunday morning I found myself on a plane (major delay!) to go to San Francisco to speak at the San Francisco Ultimate Women's Expo. I was there to speak about my latest book PRIME TIME, and what I've learned from writing. I've spoken on this quite a bit over the last few months or more and I'm still enjoying seeing all the heads nodding (especially the gray heads...and nodding, not nodding off!). My PRIME TIME brand has created quite a community, which is why I'm excited to be able to continue the conversations from my book here on my blog, on my Facebook page, and on twitter now that my book tour has wound down.

Tonight, I'm having a small gathering for Bonnie Raitt. Joni will be there and Robbie Robertson, Eddie Olmos, Steve Bing and Paul Allen. I look forward to another fascinating and intense evening...if I make it back in time!

I made it back and it was a swell evening! I managed to tweet out this photo of myself Bonnie and Joni, which people just loved! Afterwards, Joni, Bonnie and Richard got down with music discussions such as the beauty of ‘open G chord tuning.’ I’ve known Bonnie for almost 40 years…as activist, friend, generous performer of benefit concerts—but not really seen/heard her talk as musician. Imagine what it was like with these two brilliant women guitarists! Here are some more photos….Enjoy!

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MichaelD on

Im thrilled to see Joni looking so well. There was a recent reference to her going out in public for the first time in months; so seeing her look so elegant once again is a treat indeed. I first saw her at the Amchitka/Green Peace Concert in Vancouver. Im grateful to Jane Fonda for sharing this evening with us. Many thanks to everyone involved for making this possible.  [ed.]

tesla on

Praises to the stars for their light and to the waters and forests for their sounds.
Blessings for earth's harmonies. Things keep getting worked out. What a wonderful

gldick on

I met Jane in the early 1980's when she and Tom Haydon were speaking at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I met Bonnie at the Waldorf in New York in the early 90's when she was practicing for her performance that night. I have heard Joni perform at 3 concerts. To be in the presence of Joni Mitchell was awesome. I would walk 2000 miles to see her perform again or to just share a glass of wine. What awesome women. I teach college and I am always making references to Joni Mitchel's songs and the lessons she teaches us about living.

fogelberg on

Nice to see Joni looking so well. Jane you are so lucky. Joni and Bonnie at the same table.Thanks for posting Ms Fonda.

agon on

So good to see Joni, how she is today.With all the recent news of her suffering with Morgellons etc. She's looking great and still has that 'fire' in her creative soul. Nicco, I had a closer look at the photo, Joni seems to be wearing her lovely silver locks up in an elgant way- not cropped.(I am a sucker for long hair), especially on Joni Mitchell. Both Jane and Bonnie are amazing women too. Long live these ladies, who have all been a great tonic to me over the years. Agon.

RobertaJoan on

Wow!She is always so on! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

arden on

G R E A T to hear and see about Joni. It made my Day!! Thanks for posting!

RainyDaysYouRun on

A formidable trio.....Wow! Thank you Ms Fonda for sharing this with us. I love all 3 of you.

Nicco on

The short hair is fantastic!

maryneville on

What an opportunity to read your post! Thanks Jane for posting your anecdotes about Joni. I believe that Joni's musical rendering of the human experience is classical.

bob1bob on

I think the article/account is great. It made my day. Wondering and hoping Joni Mitchell is feeling well--it made me so happy to see her so well and happy. Nice that Jane Fonda very much appreciated her company and sure did honor Joni's talents with her words. I had known Mitchell and Raitt had a fine relationship enjoyed by both. Nice to see smart, accomplished folks having a good time together in an intimate setting where things can be discussed. Jane seemed to 'get' and appreciate all Joni had to say and sounds like they had an excellent exchange. Good for Jane to be open and interested too in topics of interest to Mitchell. Reminds me of the Laurel Canyon days of good comaradarie. Yes, Joni looks wonderful--beautiful, healthy, vital and happy. That is the way I like to think of her. She has worked hard in life, best now to have a little fun with others.

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