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Melody Maker
April 20, 1974

JONI MITCHELL is to play an extra London concert date next week!

Only two concerts, on Saturday and Sunday (April 20 and 21) were originally scheduled. But both were sold out within three hours of the box-office opening, so the third date was hastily arranged.

She will now be appearing at the same theatre — the New Victoria — next Monday.

The box office is open today (Thursday) and tickets — available only from the New Victoria — will cost £2.50, £2, £1.50 and £1.

Joni will be backed by the L.A. Express, featuring the brilliant former Jimmy Witherspoon guitarist, Robben Ford.

But this will be her last date in Britain. Early hopes that Joni Mitchell would also play a provincial date have now disappeared.

And the In Concert television special for the BBC is also off.

Said a spokesman: "Joni has to return to the States for recording and, unfortunately, there just wasn't time to arrange another concert outside London."

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