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Florence Morning News - South Carolina
January 24, 1970
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Tom Jones goes to rock 'n' roll in honor of Paul Anka when Paul visits "This is Tom Jones" on Thursday (9-10 p.m. EST). Paul joins Joni Mitchell and George Kirby on the ABC Television Network series.

Joni Mitchell, the talented composer and singer of folk-rock songs sings two of her own compositions, Woodstock and Real Good For Free.

Funnyman George Kirby duos with Tom Jones in Shake, Rattle And Roll, and George does a monologue interwoven with the song When I Lay My Burden Down.

Tom's selections include Let It Rock, Green River, and I Have Dreamed. And Tom joins his guest, Paul Anka, in The Games People Play.

Paul has three big spots on the program including Highway In The Wind, Happy and Eleanor Rigby.

Highway In The Wind — Happy — Eleanor Rigby by Paul Anka
Let It Rock — Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feeling — Funny (Not Much) — Green River — I Have Dreamed — Help Yourself by Tom Jones
When I Lay My Burden Down by George Kirby
The Games People Play by Tom & Paul Anka
Shake, Rattle And Roll by Tom & George Kirby
Real Good For Free — Woodstock by Joni Mitchell

"This Is Tom Jones" is produced by Jon Schoffield. The musical direction is by Johnnie Spence; and the Mike Sammes Dancers are featured.

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