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Welcome to our 47th season! Print-ready version

by Jean Grand-Maître
Alberta Ballet
July 2013

Join our internationally acclaimed roster of outstanding dancers, handpicked from around the world, as they explode vigorously and sensuously unto the stage, giving exciting new life to some of the most unforgettable love stories ever told.

First, let us take you on an exquisitely heart wrenching journey, inhabited by two of the Opera world's greatest lovers. Australian Stanton Welch's dramatic adaptation of Madame Butterfly has earned worldwide acclaim for its riveting portrayal of ardent love, betrayal, and undying fidelity. Set to Puccini's eternal score and featuring exceptional sets and costumes from the Houston Ballet, don't miss this singular interpretation of this remarkable love story.

Second, we welcome back one of Canada's great ballet companies, the electrifying Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, showcasing one of the world's most acclaimed choreographers of the 20th Century — Swedish maverick Mats Ek. We are proud to introduce Albertans to this dance titan for the very first time with Les Grands' riveting rendition of his Sleeping Beauty, set to Tchaikovsky's monumental score. Created in an aesthetic that is at once subversive, highly comical, and deeply troubled, Ek's astonishing interpretation of Princess Aurora's mythical odyssey has been acclaimed and cherished on every continent as one of the great choreographic masterpieces of the century.

In December, join us as we transport the entire family to 19th century Russia with the magic of Edmund Stripe's beloved holiday classic The Nutcracker. This spectacular multimillion dollar production delights with glittering sets, lavish costumes, and enchanting dance for all ages.

In the New Year, come and feel the searing heat of a spectacular and monumental dance movement that bursts to life with the genius of Ailey II. Universally renowned for merging the spirit and energy of the best young dance talent with the passion and creative vision of today's most outstanding emerging choreographers, this acclaimed dance company performs a diverse repertoire of exhilarating and spellbinding works that always stir their delirious audience to cheer ecstatically on their feet at every performance.

In March, Alberta Ballet will, at last, premiere one of classical ballet's greatest masterpieces — Giselle —staged by La Scala's Flavia Vallone. Considered to be the most hauntingly beautiful ballet of the romantic era — inhabiting the pantheon of the few great classical masterpieces alongside Swan Lake — this deeply evocative story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption has been enchanting dance lovers around the world for more than 160 years. Featuring the magnificent production elements of the American Ballet Theatre (originally created for the legendary partnership of Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov) this historical premiere will mark our company's first full presentation of this legendary classical ballet.

To close our season in May, we offer you the world première of yet another intimate and profound collaboration with one of the rock era's greatest legend — Joni Mitchell. Following the internationally acclaimed 2007 mega-hit ballet The Fiddle and Drum, Joni Mitchell and I are reuniting once again; this time inspired by the greatest love songs she has ever written. This world premiere will be a profound meditation on the complex themes of love. Ms. Mitchell will create the libretto, the set designs, and the soundtrack. It will be a poignant reminiscence as well as a deep and personal reflection on her career as a poet, a composer and, a visual artist.

Come to the dance and Be Moved into another dimension of being.

Jean Grand-Maître

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