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Alberta Ballet
July 2013

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Calgary / May 01 to May 03
Edmonton / May 09 to May 10


CALGARY: MAY 1-3, 2014
EDMONTON: MAY 9-10, 2014

Following their internationally acclaimed 2007 mega-hit ballet The Fiddle and Drum, music legend Joni Mitchell and Alberta Ballet's Artistic Director Jean Grand-Maître are reuniting once again. Inspired by the greatest love songs she has ever written, this world premiere will be a profound meditation on the theme of Love. It will be a poignant reminiscence as well as a deep and personal reflection on her entire career as a composer, a poet and a visual artist.

Choreography: Jean Grand Maître /
Music: Joni Mitchell /
Costume Designer: Martine Bertrand /
Lighting Designer: Pierre Lavoie /
Set Designer: Joni Mitchell /
Video Designer: Joni Mitchell /
Video Installation: Adam Larsen and Robert Ivison /

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