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Saskatoon StarPhoenix
July 25, 2013

Mayor Don Atchison Photograph by: Gord Waldner

Saskatoon's mayor and the premier of Saskatchewan both released statements on Thursday in response to comments made by iconic folk singer Joni Mitchell this week.

In an exclusive interview with The StarPhoenix published Wednesday, Mitchell said she wants no part of efforts to honour her in the city, citing previous attempts that came up short. She also called the city "bigoted" and compared it to the American Deep South.

"Ms. Mitchell has her thoughts about whether or not she wants to be honoured and it's not for us to question that," Mayor Don Atchison said in a prepared written statement.

"It may take some time but I believe eventually a solution will be found."

Premier Brad Wall was asked about the interview during the annual premiers' meetings being held at Niagara on the Lake this week. He chose to quote one of the folk singer's songs in his response.

"The people of Saskatchewan respectfully disagree. Ms. Mitchell should listen to her own words from Black Crow: 'I've been travelling so long/How'm I ever going to know my home,' " Wall said.

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