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Luminato Festival Photographers Print-ready version

by Biserka  Livaja (Website)
August 8, 2013

Photo © Biserka Livaja

Favourite Shot: Backstage at JONI: A Portrait In Song — A Birthday Happening Live at Massey Hall

"I was shooting the Luminato Joni Mitchell After Party at the Centuries Lounge downstairs at Massey Hall — the guests were all still in awe of the wonderful performance they had just seen and excited at the prospect of seeing Joni at the party. As the evening went on, it became apparent that Joni would not be making an appearance at the party and though there was some disappointment, most people were just happy to have witnessed her performance that night. By midnight the room had thinned out considerably — while still photographing the guests, I got into a conversation with a woman who offered to take me upstairs to the green room where Joni was — turns out this lovely lady was Joni's daughter! We went upstairs and there she was, sitting on the couch, surrounded by friends and family.. .I asked if it would be alright to take a few photos and Joni graciously agreed. Everyone in the room crammed on the couch for a group shot, there was laughter and chaos. This photo of Joni and [Luminato Festival Artistic Director] Jorn captures the love that was in the room that night and how lucky I felt to be part of it. I even got to hug Joni and tell her what a pleasure it was to meet her — definitely the highlight of the Luminato Festival for me."

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