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What to Wear: Joni Mitchell's Birthday Print-ready version

by Melissa Goldstein
November 6, 2013

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Whether or not you're one of the gazillions of people who know all of the words to Blue, it's pretty hard to deny the iconic status of singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. And, like any great icon, Ms. Mitchell's look is a multi-layered phenomenon that resists replication: a little bit '60s boho, a little bit mystical lady on the mountain, and an extra effortlessly cool element that's all her own.

In honor of Mitchell's 70th birthday today, we've put together our own version of one of our favorite Lady of the Canyon looks, which mixes a western-inspired denim dress with an artfully styled tie-dye scarf, a fedora, a multi-strand turquoise necklace, and a silver southwestern belt.

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