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Joni Mitchell Sings Own Songs in Debut at Troubadour Print-ready version

by Steve Braitman
Van Nuys Valley News And Green Sheet
June 7, 1968
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Many of the current crop of popular folk singers today have used the songs of Joni Mitchell in their rise to the top. Now, young Miss Mitchell has taken it upon herself to show how her songs should be sung.

On Tuesday evening, she made her performing debut at Doug Weston's Troubadour and proved herself emotionally and stylistically impressive in her approach to her own numbers.

The Canadian-born songstress has a distinctly individual vocal quality that can either be powerful or gentle, depending on the song she's singing or the interpretation she places upon it.

Accompanying herself on guitar, Joni rendered the simple melody of her "Circle Game" with tenderness befitting the lyrics(,) which describes a children's game.

Other tunes which found the audience highly receptive included "Marci(e)," "Roses Blue," "Michael From Mountains," "I Don't Know Where I Stand," "Slowing Down" and "Clouds."

Sharing the current Troubadour bill are Hedge and Donna, whose outstanding rendition "Can I Hear You?" topped a list of well-presented tunes including Nina Simone's "Four Women," "Is It Love, Lady?" and "Wings."

Typist Dee Luther adds: "RE: Nina Simone song titles above - When I noticed the incorrect spelling of Ms. Mitchell's song "Marcie," I wanted to make sure the other titles were correct. I noticed Mr. Braitman refers to a Nina Simone song entitled "Wings" above. Per her website - - it states that Miss Simone released an album (Carrère 1982) entitled "Fodder on My Wings." On that LP, there is a song entitled "Fodder In Her Wings.". Nowhere in her discography is a song simply entitled "Wings.""

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Braitman on

I'm happy that Dee made these corrections to the article I wrote for the newspaper - I was all of 16 years old!