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Meeting Joni at Agnes b. Print-ready version

by Dianna
May 29, 2001

Dianna writes: This afternoon, on my way to the gym, I had a most unique experience that I must share with you. It was a beautiful, sunny southern California day that lent itself to shopping before working out with my trainer. I stopped by the lovely French boutique, Agnes b. on North Robertson at Alden on the border of LA and Beverly Hills to try on a skirt I had been thinking about purchasing.

The store was nearly empty and I proceeded to try on a couple of different skirts. As I was giving myself the *once over* in the mirror, I realized I wasn't certain which fitting room I had been using. I almost started in the wrong one when, luckily, the sales girl directed me to the right dressing room. At that point I realized that the person in the room right next to me was none other than Joni Mitchell.

The dressing rooms at Agnes b. are simply an off white canvas fabric floor-to-ceiling on 3 sides and then your mirror is on the wall on the fourth. I knew I had to call you to somehow come to the shop while Joni was there but I was sure she would be able to hear me through the curtains and would think I was a psycho. If I spoke softly, I was sure you wouldn't be able to understand me on the cell phone.

So, I was compelled to take drastic measures. We happened to buy our purchases at the same time and at this point, we were the only two in the store. I said, "I love your work." To which she replied, "Oh, thank you." As we were standing next to each other at the counter, I continued. "I never do this, but would you mind terribly signing an autograph for my friend, Rick?" She said, "Oh no, not at all, I'd be happy to." Not being shy by nature I said, "Rick is your biggest fan. He has Joni parties all the time."

She said, "Do you listen to the music or what?" I said, "Yes, only your music. The last time he invited me to a Joni party I said, 'Joni who?' and I immediately got an email back that said, 'Don't be a bitch. There is only one Joni.'" [The sales girl then said as she took Joni's credit card -- "it is Joni Mitchell!" and I looked at her like, "well, duh!"] The sales girl said there were some postcards by the make up. Joni went to get one and signed it just for you. Since it has a picture of lips on the card, I said, "What a great card. Perfect." She said, "I should kiss it for him" and picked out a tester lipstick from the makeup counter and kissed it just for you on both sides. I told her it would probably be framed within 3 hours knowing you.

I thanked her profusely for making my day and allowing me to give you a special surprise. She is as beautiful as you would expect, perfect cheekbones and all. She was wearing a straw brimmed hat and very casually, but nicely dressed. Rick writes: What Dianna failed to mention was Joni actually kissed the card on both sides. She kissed the colored side, over the illustrated lips. It didn't show up well, so she turned it over and kissed the white back, over her signature and greeting. Knowing Dianna, this meant even more to me. She has a very interesting, large circle of friends (including this not-as-interesting correspondent) and is well acquainted with many people of celebrated lives. Asking for an autograph doesn't come naturally to her.

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