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The Sound- Music and radio: for young listeners Print-ready version

by Robb Baker
Chicago Tribune
November 20, 1968
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JONI MITCHELL, who slipped quietly in town Monday night for a concert in Mandel hall, on the campus of that entity-in-itself, the University of Chicago, will be back Jan. 11 for a show at North-western university, which isn't quite so secretive about things like that.

Miss Mitchell was scheduled last summer at Ravinia on the same bill with Theodore Bikel, but was forced to cancel at the last minute due to illness.

Her Reprise album is one of the best of the year, and her name was familiar before that thru recordings of her compositions by other major folk artists such as Jdy Collins, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Ian and Sylvia.

Miss Collins' waxing of Joni's "Both Sides Now" is featured on the sound track of the new Patricia Neal movie "The Subject Was Roses," and is taking off both locally and nationally as a single.

Nortwestern will also bring in singer-composer Nilsson, very big on the coast and reportedly Paul McCartney's favorite writer, for a concert March 8: and Tim Hardin, one of the best of the men composer-artists ("Misty Roses," "The Lady Came from Baltimore," "If I Were a Carpenter"), April 12.

The Quiet Knight follows its bill of Bukka White last week with another blues great, Sleepy John Estes, coming a week from tonight for a fivenight stand.

The Robbs, who have left Mercury and have gone over to Atlantic, open tonight in The Rush Over, 900 N. Rush st.. where they'll play thru Dec. 8. Buddy and the Citations do likewise in the Rush Up, 907 N. Rush st., also thru Dec. 8.

Good news from Corky Siegel, who called after reading last Sunday's column on the split-up of Siegel-Schwall Blues Band (it happened last July, he sai: we're a bit behind time every now and then) to say that he's formed a new band and will base it in Chicago when they start performing soon.

Things look lees bright for H.P. Lovecraft, who have canceled their engagement Sunday in Mill Run playhouse and may be splitting up again.

Word comes from Motown that Diana Ross and the Supremes have released an album with The Temptations. That's known as sales dynamite.

And the Supremes' old writers, Holland-Dozier-Holland, have filed a 22-million-dollar suit against Motown and others, charging exploitation without proper pay.

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