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by Liam Lacey
Toronto Globe and Mail
November 7, 1985
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Dog Eat Dog
Joni Mitchell
Geffen XGHS 24074

Although much ballyhooed as her "political" album, Dog Eat Dog represents a creative low-point for Mitchell - more in the Carly Simon camp than something you'd expect from the best woman songwriter of her generation.

Nothing really works very well: the synthesizer atmospherics of Thomas Dolby, the bottom-heavy bass and drum sound created by Mitchell's husband and collaborator Larry Klein, and Mitchell's wandering melody lines seem to have little to do with each other. What particularly doesn't work is Mitchell's songwriting: it's melodically mediocre, with preachy lyrics that are devoid of anything but sophomoric insights. This is perhaps the only Joni Mitchell album it's impossible to imagine anyone wanting to listen to in five years time.

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