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The JMDL Cookbook Print-ready version

by Marian Russell
September 23, 2017
Original article: PDF

JMDL Cookbook History: We started putting the cookbook together in 1998. The ideas for it were conceived by Julie Z. Webb (hostess of the very first Jonifest in 1998) and Bev Wolfe (TheFishpond). Each recipe title was a play on words from one of Joni's songs. I collected all the recipes and bios, put them into a semi-homogenized format and the first version was "finished" by early December, 1998. I sent it to Wally Breese who had said he might be able to pass it on to Joni, but the version sent to him never got to Joni, and it was decided to add more recipes and bios, especially since there were new and old members who still wanted to contribute. More recipes and bios were added and Don Rowe designed the cover page with a beautiful painting by Marilyn Urbanski. Jerry Notaro did the editing. When the compilation was basically complete, I wrapped it up in special paper with a Mozart motif and a ribbon with gold thread running through it and sent it to Joni's management. Thanks to Kakki, we know that she got it!

I made three replicas of the original and brought them to the 1999 Jonifest near Boston. The originals were in a European-style hard-cover binder with a pretty cover. Each page was inserted into its own clear plastic cover. I gave one copy to Ashara who hosted the fest. The other two were raffled during the fest and Bern Giordano and John van Tiel were the lucky winners. I do not even have a replica because I bought the last four binders with the same cover, one of which was sent to Joni's management. The binder for the first version sent to Wally Breese had a different cover.

There is a spiral-bound version which I believe Ashara had printed from her original copy. Per Russell D Bowden, "the back cover says jonifest 2003 Song & Celebration. First published in 1999 and presented to Joni as a gift, this limited edition reproduction celebrates and commemorates Northeast Jonifest 2003. Aug 8-11 at Full Moon Resort in Oliverea, New York. Jonifest 2003 logo by Claudia SanSoucie."

I have removed the email addresses and bios from the document for publication on Joni's website, and have added credits to Julie Z. Webb, Bev Wolfe, and Jerry Notaro to the cover page, but it is otherwise the same as the original version. Download the cookbook at the "original article" link above.

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