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Ties with Canada are close Print-ready version

by David Farrell
Toronto Star
April 1, 1980
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Born Roberta Joan Anderson in McLeod, Alberta, in 1943, Joni attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary and traveled as a folk musician before marrying Chuck Mitchell in 1965.

The couple moved to Detroit and shortly thereafter the marriage dissolved. Ms Mitchell moved to New York where her songwriting abilities were quickly noted and recorded by influential folkies such as Judy Collins (Both Sides Now) and Tom Rush (The Circle Game).

In 1967 she met Elliott Roberts, who became her manager. She was signed to Reprise Records, recording Song To A Seagull with David Crosby, of Stills and Nash fame, who became her producer.

Her audience increased and, with each successive album, she improved both artistically and technically.

Although she give few concerts and literally runs from publicity, she has succeeded in maintaining a high-profile name as a composer through AM hits such as Big Yellow Taxi and has built a reputation for integrity in everything that she does.

On her most recent album she mixes her words with the melodies of the late and great jazzman, Charles Mingus. She has never won a Juno, though she has been nominated many times, and for many she is proof that quality still has a place in today's seemingly quantity-obsessed music business.

She continues to maintain close ties with Canada.

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