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‘Exhausted’ Joni cancels tour Print-ready version

Sounds Magazine
March 20, 1976
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JONI MITCHELL has cancelled her tour of Europe in May which included four British dates that were already sold out.

Joni is said to be suffering from 'physical exhaustion' after she contacted flu but continued to play the scheduled dates on her American tour. Doctors have advised her to rest completely for the time being.

Joni's planned concerts at London's Hammersmith Odeon and the Glasgow Apollo would have been her first British appearances since her show with Crosby Still Nash and Young at Wembley Stadium in May 1974.

The European tour was due to open at Stockholm in mid-May and included concerts at Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Paris before reaching Britain at the end of the month.

MAM promoter Barry Dickens will be meeting Joni's manager Elliott Roberts, this week and it is hoped to re-schedule the dates for later this year.

Those who bought tickets for the Hammersmith and Glasgow concerts from MAM can get their money refunded by sending a stamped addressed envelope to MAM at 24 New Bond Street, London W1.

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