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Toronto Globe and Mail
May 27, 1971
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NEW YORK (CP) - Gene MacLellan of Pownal, P.E.I., has received a special award from Broadcast Music Inc. for writing the most performed BMI song during 1970.

Beechwood Music Corp., publisher of MacLellan's hit Snowbird, also received an award.

BMI presented citations Tuesday night to 112 writers and 63 publishers of 89 songs licenced [sic] for public performance by the corporation. The citations were for the most performed BMI songs.

The top writer-award winners were John Lennon and Paul McCartney, each with six citations.

Canadian Terry Jacks received two citations for That's Where I Went Wrong and Which Way You Going Billy?

Publisher of the songs was Gone Fishin' Music.

Another winner was Joni Mitchell for Both Sides Now, published by Siquomb Publishing Corp.

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