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News Record, University of Cincinnati
February 24, 1976
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The seating controversy which erupted the day following the Feb. 10 Joni Mitchell concert here may not arise again if the Concert Committee sticks to the precautionary measures it announced Friday.

These measures include a limit on the number of complimentary tickets that can be issued and a reduction in the total number of tickets sold. Both steps will help prevent the gross overcrowding which occurred at the Joni concert.

No doubt the best step taken, although not by concert committee, is the decision to exclude local concert promoter Ross Todd from handling any future UC concerts.

The Joni Mitchell fiasco is just the latest Todd foul-up, representing the last straw for UC administrators tired of dealing with an irate public after Todd has taken his profits and run.

Anyone who witnessed the aftermath of Todd's music festival in Nippert stadium last August could only wonder why the University had not severed its relationship with Todd sooner. (It was at that time that UC officials met to decide if the University would have another rock festival.)

Concert Committee leaders have demonstrated a remarkable ability to respond to criticism quickly and with definitive measures, however remedial, designed to correct obvious flaws in past concert management. We look ahead to the April 6 concert optimistic that the problems of the past will be just that......of the past.

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