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Joni Mitchell, L.A. Express at Public Hall Print-ready version

by Dave Mendlovic
Daily Kent Stater
March 8, 1976
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The problem with most big names in music is that the concert appearance become larger events and the recordings lose some quality with each release. Friday the 13th, Joni Mitchell was in a position to do what she wanted which was mostly new material. So left out the oldies that made Miles of Aisles such a fine live recording and chose to do much from her new Hissing of Summer Lawn's [sic] her worst album in years.

Someone like Joni Mitchell should stay away from doing new material live. If an artists [sic] music is unique, then unless you're familiar with the songs, they can all sound the same.

The best part of Ms. Mitchell's music is her voice which was in top form. Her guitar playing also was surprisingly good.

The L.A. Express did a fine job as an opening act and as Mitchell's backup band. Their jazz sound is heightened by musicians - Robbon [sic] Ford on electric guitar and Tom Scott's replacement, David Luell on horns.

Joni Mitchell's high spot was when she did material from Court and Spark and Miles of Aisles. This was done in the very beginning and end of the concert which included popular hits "Raised on Robbery" "Free an [sic] in Paris," "Big Yellow Taxi," "Help Me, I Think I'm Falling," and her encore, "Twisted."

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