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by Sid Adilman
Toronto Star
October 2, 1980
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Newcomer movie producer Rene Perlmutter has lined up strong talent for Luv, an anthology movie written by Joni Mitchell, Liv Ullmann, Gael Greene, Antonia Fraser, Edna O'Brien and Nancy Dowd. Filming is to start Monday on the Dowd portion. CITY-TV chief Moses Znaimer and actress Marilyn Lightstone (in real life house mates for years) will play husband and wife in Green's segment. Some of the other actors include Joni Mitchell (appearing in her own story), Robin Ward (host of TV's revived To Tell the Truth), Larry Dane, Elizabeth Shepherd (seen on CBC's Phoenix Team), Candice O'Connor, Maureen Fitzgerald, Gordon Thomson, Second City's Ben Gordon, Winston Reckert (seen in Suzanne), Linda Renhoffer, Nicholas Campbell, Cindy Girling, Susan Fletcher, Sonja Smits (a star of CBC's War Brides movie), Scott Denton, Susan Fletcher, Patrick Brymer, and Rita Tuckett (of the long-run Mousetrap). Beverly D'Angelo (the movie Hair), rumored for a lead, won't be in the cast.

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