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by Kerry Gold
Vancouver Sun
March 15, 1998

It looks as if Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison will join forces for the mother of all folk tours, tentatively scheduled to kick off May 14 in Vancouver.

The tour of the Canadian and U.S. west coast would be historic not only because of the stature of the three folk legends, but because Mitchell so rarely performs live. It would be her first tour in about 15 years.

"I guess there's been about two or three times when [Dylan] has offered Joni the opportunity to tour together, and Joni obviously hasn't toured that much over the last while," said Sam Feldman, who co-manages Mitchell's career with Steve Macklam.

"The timing on this was absolutely perfect because she's planning to shoot a live concert TV show in late May, and she had already set out a schedule whereby she'd be rehearsing with the band."

Macklam added: "We've been encouraging Joni to play live for some time -- not just us, but I'm sure friends and fans everywhere have been hoping she would play more live. This is the first time we're going to be graced with her taking us up on it."

The venue for the Vancouver concert -- the only Canadian date pencilled in so far -- has not yet been announced. Promoters also haven't said when tickets will go on sale.

Morrison is set to open for Mitchell, followed by triple-Grammy winner Dylan. That arrangement came about after a series of on-and-off deals throughout the week.

On Monday, Universal Concerts announced a Dylan-Morrison concert tour, only to cancel it later that day when Morrison bowed out. Morrison came back on board Friday after the Dylan-Mitchell tour was announced.

There's obviously a story behind the strange goings-on, but nobody is talking now. "I think things changed for him, and he could do it," said Feldman. "And I think he's thrilled."

Mitchell's new self-produced album, tentatively titled Taming the Tiger, will be released later this year.

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