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‘Shadows and Light,’ the short lived UK Fanzine Print-ready version

by Jeff Hankins
January 23, 2019

In the pre-internet age, my obsessive search for the 'unreleased' Joni material sent me to haunting the small 'personal' ads at the back of music magazines. Anything that promised 'rare recordings' got me establishing contact. It was a shady old world! I think this is where and how I came into contact with a guy who said he was thinking of setting up a Joni Mitchell 'fanzine'. (I was pretty innocent about fanzines, not having been a Grateful Dead fan etc). He said he'd seen 'a gap in the market' which made me think he was more of an aspiring entrepreneur than an obsessive enthusiast like myself. Still, I said if he set it up, I'd write a couple of articles for it. He did. I did.

But here's the thing: it launched itself JUST at the time when we were becoming aware of the world wide interweb and all the goodies therein. So even from the earliest issues, the editor was delving into Wally's website and filching a few things for the fanzine; pretty soon he must have realized that the info and opinions disseminated in the magazine were thin to say the least compared to everything Wally Breese was issue 6 he called it a day. A pretty short lived little publication, but fun, in a way, I suppose, while it lasted. From a personal point of view, it gave me opportunity to do a little fan-writing - some of which seems a bit embarrassing now, some twenty odd years later.

View/download the entire Shadows and Light fanzine here

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6

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