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July 29, 1967
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YOUNG WRITER/SINGERS---(from the left) [5 photos] Buffy Ste. Marie, writer of such songs as "Now That The Buffalo's Gone" and "My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying," plays the mouth-bow, a traditional instrument found among primitive peoples throughout the world. A Vanguard [Records] artist and member of the Cree tribe, she has long been among the most eloquent spokesmen for full equality of the American Indian. Arlo Guthrie, oldest son of Woody Guthrie, is shown performing his marathon, "Alice's Restaurant (Massacre Pt. II)." Arlo (Reprise) stopped the show on three different occasions. Lovely Joanie [sic] Mitchell, perhaps best known for her "Circle Game" and "Urge For Going" compositions, is shown as she makes her major debut as a performer at the Newport Folk Festival. Gordon Lightfoot (UA), writer of "In The Early Morning Rain," performs with his 12-string guitar. Novelist/performer/poet/writer Leonard Cohen, writer of "Suzanne" and "Dress Rehearsal Rag," sings at Newport. His first waxing is due out soon on Columbia.

Page 41 Headline: Ethnic Message Gets Across At Newport

NEWPORT, R.I.---The 1967 Newport Folk Festival got underway July 10th, offering a varied program that placed heavy emphasis on ethnic folk music, as opposed to burdening itself with the star system of the more commercial folk artists and forms. No longer dependent on building a financially profitable series of concerts around big name performers, the Newport Folk Foundation saw fit to offer a wide range of traditional performers, going so far as to expand the fest from four to seven days of additional activity. The "names" were there, however, including such luminous performers as Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Peter Seeger, and Theodore Bikel.

Flower Theme

Perhaps the strongest recurrent theme throughout the festival was that of flowers, the gentle, unobtrusive, persuasive force that is "Flower Power." Flowers seemed to be everywhere: stuck in guitars, banjos, and lapels, worn as hair pieces, and scattered throughout the audience. George Wein, producer of the Newport Festivals, was seen more than once on stage with a long-stemmed carnation in his hand and July 16th's closing concert was finalized by the performers tossing their flowers into the audience.

Attendance Good

The Folk Festival was well attended this year, as always, with the high point being reached July 15th as (approx.) 15,500 persons filled the field for the Country Music and Blues concert. July 16th's closing concert, held mostly in the rain, was played to an audience of more than 10,000 people. The workshops were also attended by great numbers of people, seeing best attendance at the banjo, Gospel, Blues, and topical song areas.

Young Songwriters

Arlo Guthrie of course headed the list of young songwriters at the fest. Leonard Cohen, who wrote "Suzanne," sang a smattering of his better loved songs. Lovely Joanie [sic] Mitchell made her first big public appearance as a performer and did very well. She is best known for having written "Circle Game" [sic] and "Urge For Going." Gordon Lightfoot (UA) sang his "Early Morning Rain" to a delighted audience. And the [sic] Incredible String Band offered several sets of their own material.

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