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'Don Juan's Daughter' Not So Reckless Print-ready version

by Keith Brian
The Pitt News
March 29, 1978
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If you like Joni Mitchell, you’ll love her latest offering, “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter.” A double album with no more than four songs on each side, “Don Juan” contains 11 cuts.

Mitchell wrote all but one song and plays guitar or piano throughout the recording, which has the soft sound that is prevalent in her previous pressings.

The second track, “Talk To Me,” has had plenty of air time on Pittsburgh radio, both AM and FM. It has some not-so-light-hearted lyrics that, nevertheless, lean the listener toward laughter.

“Paprika Plains” is not just the best song on the album, it’s the best quarter. Yes, it takes up the whole second side, and is filled with some of the best poetry to pour forth from Mitchell’s pen. The images revealed her melodic memories and piano work present a classic air.

The third side sounds of the rhythms of South America rituals primarily in the instrumental “The Tenth World,” featuring Chaka Kahn, along with Mitchell and a multitude of others “chanting.”

Things start to look up on the next track, “Dreamland,” which holds to a sufficient samba beat.

In all, carries Mitchell's meaning through poetic imagery.

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