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by Gard.
June 28, 1967
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Le Hibou, Ottawa
Ottawa, June 21.
Joni Mitchell; $1.75 admission
(members only)

A rare three-week booking at Denis Faulkner & Harvey Glatt's Le Hibou javary brings in Toronto's Joni Mitchell, who has just moved to Gotham's Chelsea district to be near the action. A looker, 23, with extremely long golden hair, she has a remarkable vocal range plus fine quality, good guitar savvy and patter that's bright, pleasant and often bubbling with humour.

Miss Mitchell, who pens all her own stuff (and has her own Detroit pubbery), did four straight sockeroos when caught: "Song To A Daydreamer" (preluded by an amusing account of an eavesdropped teen conversation); "Chelsea Morning" (quite upbeat); "From Both Sides Now" (inspired by a Saul Bellow novel); and "Night Over The City" (sic), a powerful finale.

Ere those, standouts were "Play, Little David, Play"- an ode to David Rae, Ian & Sylvia's accompanist; "Circle Game," which has been recorded by a couple of U.S. artists; and "Dr. Junk the Dentist Man," based on a character she ran into during a recent stint in North Carolina. It's the first 6/8 she's ever tried writing and she's still working on it but it holds a lot of promise. So does she. (Gard.)

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