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Joni Mitchell, Nelly Furtado win Socan awards for top artists on radio Print-ready version

by Angela Pacienza
Yahoo News Canada
November 19, 2002

Canadian folk great Joni Mitchell before accepting an award at SOCAN Monday. Photo by FRANK GUNN

TORONTO (CP) - Looking youthful and jovial in a black crepe dress, renowned songstress Joni Mitchell made a rare appearance Monday night to receive a Socan award for bringing international recognition to Canada through her music. "I don't show up for all of them. I think (Socan) is pertinent to the art," Mitchell, 59, said about her attendance during a cocktail reception prior to the ceremony.

Presented by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, the awards recognize the Canadian songwriters whose work received the most domestic radio, film and TV airplay in 2001.

Standing next to her daughter, Kilauren Gibb, Mitchell dismissed media reports that she was quitting the business.

"I'm not sour, I'm not bitter," she said laughing.

The Alberta-born singer, who is hailed as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of her generation, had said she was putting away her writing gear because she was disgusted by the music being produced as a result of the music industry's marketing strategies.

"(Today's music) is good for aerobics but it isn't moving . . . we have new needs now. We need a counterforce," she said Monday referring to the current political climate. "We can't all be hos and criminals.

"I threatened to quit because I was P.Oed and with good reason . . . but I don't think I can quit."

But before she can compose new material, she said she'll need to be inspired.

"In order to write again something's got to shift in me," said Mitchell, who has an album of reworked songs out this week.

Country star Paul Brandt hosted Monday night's gala ceremony at the Art Gallery of Ontario attended by members of the music industry. Musicians present included Jimmy Rankin, Steven Page and Murray McLauchlan.

In the pop category, singer Nelly Furtado's songs I'm Like a Bird and Turn Off the Light were honoured for achieving the greatest number of performances on domestic radio. Furtado did not attend.

Alt-rockers Nickelback, country singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson, hip-hop artist Kardinal Offishall and Celtic band Leahy also won awards.

Myles Goodwyn, frontman of rock band April Wine, received the National Achievement Award. Formed in Halifax in 1969, April Wine had a successful career putting out 13 albums, which included the hit songs Fast Train, You Could Have Been A Lady and Just Between You and Me.

James Leroy, Terry Jacks and Ken Tobias were each awarded with Socan Classics Awards for songs that reached the 100,000 airplay mark on Canadian radio in 2001.

A second Socan ceremony is being held Tuesday in Montreal to recognize outstanding music creators from Quebec.

Winners of the 2002 Socan songwriter awards, recognizing radio airplay in 2001:

Wm. Harold Moon Award: Joni Mitchell.
National achievement award: Myles Goodwyn
Special achievement award: Claudette Fortier
Pop music awards: I'm Like a Bird (performed by Nelly Furtado), composer Nelly Furtado; Turn Off the Light (performed by Nelly Furtado), composer Nelly Furtado; California (performed by Wave), composers Ben Dunk and Dave Thomson.
Country music awards: Complicated (performed by Carolyn Dawn Johnson), composers Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Shaye Smith; Followed Her Around (performed by Jimmy Rankin), composers Jimmy Rankin and Gordie Sampson; Downtime (performed by Jo Dee Messina), composers Carloyn Dawn Johnson and Phillip Coleman.
Rock music award: How You Remind Me (performed by Nickelback), composers Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Ryan Vikedal.
Urban music award: Money Jane (performed by Kardinal Offishall), composers Kardinal Offishall, Sean Paul.
Dance music award: Spaced Invader (performed by Hatiras), composer Hatiras.
Folk/roots music award: Down That Road (performed by Leahy), composers Leahy.
Jazz/Instrumental music award: Oscar Lopez
Concert music award: Marjan Mozetich
Children's music award: Judy & David Gershon
Domestic non-animated television series music award: Matthew McCauley
Domestic animated television series music award: Milan Kymlicka
International television series music award: Milan Kymlicka
Domestic made for television film music award: Jonathan Goldsmith
Domestic feature film music award: Miles Goodman
International film music award: Paul Zaza
Specialty television programming music award: Danny Friedman
News and sports television programming music award: Bruce Fowler

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