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Anatomy of a Song

The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop

by Marc Myers [Grove Press - 2016]
ISBN-13: 9780802125590
ASIN: 080212559X

Features a chapter on the song "Carey", with interviews of Joni and Cary Raditz.

"Marc Myers's Anatomy of a Song [is] a winning look at the stories behind 45 pop, punk, folk, soul and country classics . . . A smart, gracious book. His interviews yield some fascinating details." - Washington Post

"A detailed look at 45 iconic popular songs . . . This will entice general readers and music lovers alike. In his introduction, Myers calls the book an 'oral history jukebox,' and popular-music fans everywhere will want to be ready with a pocketful of dimes." - Booklist

"A cultural history of the elusive hit single, focused on artists' recollections and studio alchemy . . . The book's strength lies in thoughtful, wry reflections from artists including Elvis Costello, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Wonder, Booker T. Jones, Dr. John, and Debbie Harry. An entertaining record of the soundtrack of the baby boomer era." - Kirkus Reviews

"Who doesn't like to listen to musicians tell their stories about the genesis of a song? Or to hear them laugh at the deep meaning that listeners often invest in it when for them it was, well, just a song about a breakup? Myers' book has something for everyone." - No Depression

"Myers provides a new introduction to the songs, which were written between 1952 and 1991, setting each in its cultural context, as well as indicating its historical significance . . . Following these introductions, Myers then turns the mike over to the artists, writers, musicians, and producers behind each song, who tell us about the stories behind it . . . Music fans will enjoy the behind-the-songs stories." - Publishers Weekly

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