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Voices: The Work of Joni Mitchell

by G Hebert (Editor) [Mendel Art Gallery - 2000]
ISBN-13: 9781896359281
ASIN: 1896359280

Highly-sought after book of Joni's artwork, long out of print.

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mctag on

What a day to remember - the afternoon of the opening of the Voices exhibit.

We'd gone to the Gallery's gift shop the day before to stock up on the catalogues, but they hadn't arrived from the printer yet.

Serendipity! When we returned the next afternoon, who should be in the shop but Joni! A dream come true.

Bought two copies - sent one to a friend in SF. Never thought they'd be such a rare commodity. The show was incredible - a full feast covering every era from wee Joan Anderson to her most recent works.

A simply amazing trip to beautiful Saskatoon. Memories I'll cherish forever.

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