Song Lyrics

Free Darling

by Joni Mitchell

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Oh, you're such a free girl now
You cut the strings
To fill your wings
And fly into a strobe light room

Once upon a day girl now
Flower scenes and magazines
Will tell you what's in style or tune

Dancing in dark cafes
Feeling lucky and alive again
It's so nice to be free, you'll see

Oh it feels so good to be
So long ago, so hard we go
With no one caring what you'll do

I remember secret days
My empty prayer or cut your hair
Do anything that leaves you full

Lie down selves again
No one will meet the plane
It's so nice to be free, you'll see

Come a week for winter time
To hang around
You're back in town
But no one knows you went away

There's a new face on the scene
To smile a dream
And yet reveal
You're wondering what we should be

Now you're kissing me
Soon you'll be missing me
It's a drag to be free, darling

© 1967; Gandalf Publishing Company

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