Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

A Case Of You

Guitar tablature transcribed by Howard Wright

Tuning: EADAAE  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: E55707
Tuning pattern: x55707  (others in this same pattern)

Author Notes:


The original has one guitar part and a part for dulcimer
which uses an open tuning of some kind, and plays the introduction
bit. I've worked out a way of playing this on guitar using an
alternative tuning, and I've also written out chord shapes
which work well for standard tuning. (All chord shapes
given at the end). Please note - I've written the chord names for
normal tuning above the TAB for alternative-tuning. The chord names
do not necessarily correspond to what the TAB plays.

Words are written under the corresponding TAB - I've tried to put
the chord changes in the right place with respect to the words, but
it might not be 100% accurate.

The dulcimer part using alternative tuning is basically the same for each
verse - but I only tabbed it once for the first verse.

For the dulcimer part use EADAAD tuning, i.e tune B down to A
and G up to A.

\ - slide
h - hammer on
p - pull off

This transcription is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.
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