The Pirate Of Penance

Guitar tablature transcribed by Howard Wright  Printer-friendly version of this piece
Tuning: DADF#AD   "Joni" Tuning: D75435

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I've written out just the chord shapes above the words. The numbers simply 
give you the fret positions for the chords, with the lowest string on the left.
An 'x' means don't play this string.
e.g in standard tuning, this would be a regular D chord : xx0232   

Verse 1:

(Slide between the two shapes at the end of the first line)

087800		         x0878x  x0767x  x0878x  x0767x

The pirate anchored on a Wednesday

087800			  444444

And why he came to port I wonder


to see a lady so my friends say

087800						   065600

She dances for the sailors in a smokey cabaret bar underground


Down in a cellar in a harbour town

Verse 2:

087800			    x0878x  x0767x  x0878x  x0767x

I know he told her love was treasure

087800				444444

And they would reap the fullest bounty    


He only comes to port for pleasure


So when the winds of morning blew the curtains in she woke and


found he'd gone    


I saw his sails unfurling Thursday dawn

Middle 8:


The pirate he will sink you with a kiss, he'll steal your heart and sail away


He'll leave you drowning in the flotsam of a broken promise in the bay


He came again to see her yes I think they told me it was Saturday

000000                       087800

I was at sea then   I didn't see them

Verse 3:

(same chords as before)

I don't believe what you are saying
It isn't true I hardly knew him. 
Is this some game that you are playing
Go ask the dancer she's the one who saw him last the one who drew him here   
He hasn't come to me since Spring last year

2nd Middle 8:

There was a time when he would bring me silks and sandalwood and Persian lace
And he would hold me close and tell me sailing stories by the fireplace
I was at sea, I tell you I was nowhere near the mentioned murder place
Go ask the dancer  
She knows the answer
She knows the answer


She knows the answer

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