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The Dawntreader

Guitar tablature transcribed by Tino Meinen

Tuning: DGDDAD  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: D57075
Tuning pattern: x57075  (others in this same pattern)

Author Notes:

As string number 3 and 4 are tuned to the same D, The picking of the chords is ambiguous, but as the third string has a totally different tonal color being tuned that low, I think my picking is the same as Joni's. I've indicated the fingering of the right hand for the first two bars:


The three base notes in the third bar should be strummed with the thumb. As Joni goes high up on her board (up to fret number 15), I labeled the higher frets with letters because I did not want to disturb the time vs distance in the TAB score.

This transcription is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
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Jericho64 on

Hi, I congratulate Tino Meinen for his brilliant work, but allow me a small variation about the tuning of this wonderful song. In my opinion the right tuning of "The Dawntreader" is DGDAAD. Trying to play it with DGDDAD is not good for the initial pattern, which is then repeated several times. With the DGDAAD, instead, without the rest being altered or ruined, everything sounds perfect. Try and give your opinion.

Zabette on

Hi Tino.. Its a long time since we were in contact via Hotmail (via what by now is probably a defunct email address.. I tried it without success) about "I Dont Know Where I Stand" tabs.. I havent been playing guitar for a few years, for many reasons.. including a badly broken wrist, but now im hoping to get back to it durin the New Year... Could you get back to me about the Tabs? A long shot, but I reckon worth a try! Thanks! Zabette

Howard on

geffreywc: try the Tablature 101 link at the top right, that gives some general info on how to read tablature that may help.

Letters A, B, C ... are used here instead of numbers 10, 11, 12 ... Using the letters can make it easier to get the tab layout to look good (see Tino's comments in the transcription itself), so just translate A = 10, B = 11 and so on.

geffreywc on

As a beginner, I need some help:for instance, how do I read this tab? I'm confused by the co-mingling of numbers and letters in the tab. What am I missing here? Thanks, Geff  [ed.]

IanKR on

Great transcription - sounds fine to me. I'm catching up on Joni's early work from having first heard it some thirty-odd years ago. Her first album is blowing me away! I especially like this song and Sisotowbell Lane.