Man From Mars

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Tuning: DADF#AD   "Joni" Tuning: D75435

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1st verse:

555500          999800
G               Bm
        Since I lost you

   222100               777700         555500        999800
   Em                   A              G             Bm
I can't get through the day without at least one big bohoo

    222100        777700
    Em            A
The pain won't go away

What am I gonna do        Man from Mars

This time you went too far


Additional verses:

I fall apart
Every time I think of you
Swallowed by the dark
There is no center to my life now
No grace in my heart
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

I call and call
The silence is so full of sounds
You're in them all
I hear you in the water
And the wiring in the walls
Man from Mars
This time you went too far


999800        555500      000000
Bm            G           D

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