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That Song About The Midway

Guitar tablature transcribed by Rebecca Payne and David Beal

Tuning: DADEAD  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: D75255
Tuning pattern: x75255  (others in this same pattern)
Capo on fret 2

Author Notes:

We were able to come up with this tab due in part to the chords posted on this site. The chords were
originally posted by Sue McNamara and then added to by Marian Russell. Many thanks to them for that, for
the accurate tuning, and for this terrific site!

We're convinced this is an extremely close rendition of the real thing. If the tab appears a bit confusing at
first, it helps to get the pattern of the bass notes into your head. Throughout almost the entire song, the
bass is continually going "bum-bum ... bum-bum ... bum-bum." For part of the song, the bass switches to
a higher string, but still continues the pattern. There are only a few measures where that bass pattern is

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