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Down To You-complete score

Piano music transcribed by Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn

Author Notes:

This is the meticulously transcribed full score of Down to You, exhaustively and microscopically built from hours of slowed-down listening by two experienced transcribers. We feel this can be considered the "complete score" as it includes every instrument and vocal part in exacting detail.

Note that at bar 57 the vocal choir contains some inner notes in the chord that are "pitchy" or plain incorrect, harmonically speaking. They go by quickly so are hard to notice except under this kind of scrutiny. We have included both the notes as sung on the album (normal vocal staff) and the notes that would have been what they probably intended to sing above it in an ossia staff.

My grateful thanks to Michael Dunn for taking this transcription several steps further than my original chart, which was an arrangement adapted to be played by my band, Mutts of the Planet.

Dave Blackburn

[Original Sibelius file, compatible with Sibelius 7+]

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