Moon In The Mirror

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Tuning: CGCGCC   "Joni" Tuning: C75750

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Moon In The Mirror
Transcribed by Mark Domyancich (

Tuning: CGCGCC

Notes: On chord shapes like 050550 or 050540, it's not entirely necessary to
fret the 5th string; it's a slightly complex chord to play and with so much of a
drone effect going on in this song, it's easier to just leave it out.


000000 050550 050540 002020

000000 050550 050540 002020

Verse 1:

Moon in the mirror

          050550       050540
Won't you stay a while tonight  

              050550   050540
All things of beau   - ty

050550  000790          000000
Are     too soon out of sight

I know it's a selfish plea

You must light the hearts of more than me

There's a girl at her window

          555500          000000    050550 050540
Now she's trying to catch your eye

But alas, pretty stranger

         555500         000000      050550 050540 002020
You must keep on pass - ing     by

000000  050550 050540 000000 002020

Moon in the mirror

        000000      050550 050540 xxx000 002020
I don't know   you

Just a re - flection

   000000      333300              777700
Of kisses  and whispers and indigo skies

Moon in the mirror

          050540       050550  xxx000  002020
Look be - low      you

Moon's looking back

            000000     333300      555500     777700
And they're loving and longing and telling no lies

000000 050550 050540 002020

000000 050550 050540 002020

Verse 2:

Moon in the mirror
I will ask you one more time
Not for a reason
And not for a rhyme
But please tell me if you can
Have you seen a moonlit man?
He's so very like you
You could see him from afar
Perhaps he's misplaced moonbeam
Or a banished star
Moon in the mirror
You're so like it
Light up the room for an hour
A smile or the beat of my heart
Oh how my heart tried to fight him
Fight against mirrors
Of moonlight and lovelight
You're lost from the start,

From the start

005050 005040 002020 005050

004040 (slow strum, bottom to top strings)


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