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The Library of Articles currently contains 4333 titles, including many of original content. Years in the making and forever an ongoing project, this is perhaps the largest document collection dedicated to a single artist anywhere on the web. If you find an article that we don't have in our database, please let us know.

The Library of Articles is a collection of basically every document we have found that significantly mentions Joni over the long course of her career. The inclusion of any document herein does not constitute an approval of its contents by Joni or her management nor is it an endorsement of its quality or accuracy.

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Most-read articles in the past 30 days

  1. Joni's Secret: Mother And Child Reunion (Maclean's (Magazine), 1997)
  2. Here Is A Song for You (, 2019)
  3. The Life and Death of Jaco Pastorius (Musician Magazine, 1987)
  4. The 60 greatest female singer-songwriters of all time (Telegraph, 2015)
  5. The many layers ? and lovers ? of Joni Mitchell (Washington Post, 2017)
  6. Leonard Cohen?s tale of redemption (Maclean's (Magazine), 2012)
  7. Both Sides Now (University Congregational Church, 2005)
  8. The 30 Greatest Songs of Joni Mitchell (UNCUT, 2015)
  9. Joni Mitchell Dug Deep to Make Her Dark Masterpiece ?Blue? (Daily Beast, 2017)
  10. Big Yellow Taxi (Jenna Carlson, 2006)

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