Permissions Contacts

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I have a press request.

If you'd like to request an interview, desire press material, or have general requests involving Joni- please direct these inquiries to Lookout Management.

I'd like to record or arrange one of Joni's songs, or use her lyrics in a publication.

Contact Alfred Music to obtain licenses. There will be no gratis or reduced rates, therefore publisher permission is not needed, just the license so that payments can be directed to Alfred Music.

A license is needed for the following:
-Creation of a new version of an existing composition.
-Selling your original arrangement of an existing composition.
-Use of lyrics in a publication (eg. books, periodicals, and other printed media).
-An audio recording of a composition on a tape, CD, or Digital Download format.
-A video recording of a composition on a video tape, DVD, or Digital Download format.
-A broadcast of a recorded performance for television, film and radio.
-Public performance of copyrighted material.
-Requests to make photocopies of compositions that are no longer in print.
-Posting of copyrighted material on the Internet.

I'd like to use one of Joni's songs (her recording, her voice) in a film, on TV, in a live stage production, or some other form of media.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 615-726-8307
Michael Riggs

And, you may also need permission from Warner Music Group if they control the masters.

I'd like to print/project/display photos of Joni.

Getting photo copyrights can sometimes be a tricky business. Your best bet is to go directly to the photographer for permission to use one of their photos. Also, there are photo services such as Getty Images that aggregate photos from many places, and make it easier to secure permissions. You can also contact Lookout Management for help with getting photo approvals.