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The Dark-Eyed Girls

by Judith Lennox [Pan Books - 2000]
ISBN-13: 9780333905180
ASIN: 0333905180

Zsófia in Hungary writes:

Bought this English book second-hand in Holland...It was today that I came across the sentences mentioning Joni - and I was so happy, and wanted to let you know immediately.

Two pals, Felix and Katherine meet late in the night. Katherine goes to Felix's new London flat, having bought a bottle of wine, and feeling very worried about a friend of hers whom she just visited. Felix was wallpapering a room before she came, and beside wine, biscuits and Joni's music, they confide in each other, sharing their worries:

"They drank the wine sitting on floor-cushions in the half-decorated room, because it was, Felix explained, the nicest room in the house. He lit candles, put on a Joni Mitchell record, and found a packet of Rich Tea biscuits, which Katherine devoured ravenously."

Thank you Zsófia!

(Contributed by Zsófia Árvay)


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