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Making Hay

Early in February of 2004, JMDLer Jacky writes from the UK:
Got in the car after a game of tennis at about 10.50 this morning. BBC Radio 4 was tuned in and the program was Woman's Hour, half way through a serialised drama it seemed. Apart from the fact it had some nice guitar instrumental in it , I wasn't really paying any attention until I heard the line "As Joni Mitchell wrote in her 197? hit - you don't always know what you've got til it's gone." Then 2 of the characters started singing it. On getting home I checked the web site and found that the play was Making Hay by Sue Teddern. I don't know anything about her I'm afraid. You'll be able to listen to it at the website soon (it's episode 2). BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour - Drama
Jacky later added:
Making Hay follows five characters linked by marriage or friendship as they walk the 52 miles along Offa's Dyke from Chepstow to Hay on Wye. As they cover a new stretch each day they also discover previously uncharted aspects of their relationships.
This is a radio play by Sue Teddern serialised on BBC Radio 4's Womans Hour week beginning Feb 9th, 04. It has a mention of Joni Mitchell having written "You don't know what you've got til it's gone."

(Contributed by Jacky Walls)


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