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Laurie Antonioli, Origin Records recording artist ("Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light") and our own JMDL member, posted:

Okay so I'm probably late to the party on this one, but in Season 5, episode 4, of the show "Parenthood" there's a college boy who is trying to impress a girl by liking Joni. His dad plays him Help Me but says he can't play the next tune, which would be Free Man In Paris on COURT & SPARK, because it makes him cry! Then he says, with "Track 9, anything is possible" with the girl. That'd be Raised On Robbery which is not really a romantic tune. So...the writers, I don't think, really paid close attention to the order of the tunes, but, it's so fun to watch the scene — the dad telling his son Joni is a genius and so on. The scene continues with more references to "Track 9" being the "one" that gets the girls.

Mindless end-of-day TV turned into a "Joni moment" — and so it goes.

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
Season: 5
Episode: 4
Original Air Date: October 17, 2013

Thank you for contributing, Laurie!

(Contributed by Laurie Antonioli)


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