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The Black Cat In The Black Mouse Socks

From the movie 'Love'
December 1980

From the Los Angeles Times on December 5, 1980

Nine prominent women recently received this same irresistible proposal from a producer: "Write a 10-minute script on the subject of love, preferably from a sexual point of view. Whatever you write, I'll produce." That's how producer Barry Levinson approached a film critic, an international movie star, a director, a restaurant critic, a historian, an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, a folk singer and a novelist. Levinson meant what he said. The women accepted the challenge. And what Levinson eventually got from that distinguished - and eclectic - group were nine views on love and a script titled "Love." It's really nine little films, a compilation movie, an omnibus now being photographed here.

Joni's segment, called "The Black Cat In The Black Mouse Socks" is described as "a spontaneous and bizarre fantasy about a rejected lover who meets an old flame at a costume party."

Bizarre it is, and interesting to note that at this time, Joni was coming off what was arguably her most creative period with "Mingus" and the "Shadows and Light" tour just behind her.

A copyright claim has been placed on this video when the song 'Someday My Prince Will Come' by Miles Davis is playing. YouTube has attempted to block out the song while leaving the rest of the audio. Either that or take the video down altogether!


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TheChatterbox on

Aside from the film being grainy and poorly exposed, the sound was off and so it was hard to understand what was said. Seems however that this was imitated later in a film with wholly different consequences for the players - all this aside it poses some questions that only she could answer and will I am sure in her own good time!