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Nara, Japan
May 22, 1994

Video from The Aionoshi Festival in Nara, Japan and staged at Todaiji, an eighth-century Buddhist temple.

Joni was accompanied, on different songs, by Hotei Tomoyasu on electric guitar, Ryu Hongjun on traditional Japanese flute, Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone and the Chieftans.

Tho not shown in this video clip, Joni joined Bob Dylan and other performers during the encore of each show. The final concert was broadcast live on TV in Japan by NHK and elsewhere as The Great Music Experience.

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gtrbass1 on

Hejira is an absolutely stunning song - an original in songwriting as is all of Joni's - based just on two chords a semi tone apart.Joni reinvented songwriting by disregarding the usual form of songs - she doesn't have a verse or chorus - but you don't notice the that. All her songs tell a narrative, a free form story with lyrics that when you read them are breath taking word picture poetry.
Joni is the greatest overrall popular music talent that has ever been - songwriter, singer, painter, musician, poet.
She even invented her own way of playing guitar with her own completely individual tuning of the guitar.
Larry Klein invokes the sensational collaboration that Joni had with the great Jaco Pastorius - a blending of voice and bass that was sublime.
Ross in Australia

raftmaster on

What a treat! Wayne Shorter and Joni are a match made in heaven.

Markly on

The video of the 1994 performance of 'Hejira' at the Todaiji Temple reminds me once again of the parallel in my mind of the way Wayne Shorter riffs off Joni's singing and how Lester Young wove exquisite musical phrasings behind Billie Holiday. Love this video.

GerryMclaughlin on

For me this is the best song I have ever heard from the best album I have ever had the privelige to listen to. It is always snowing in my mind when I hear it and the image of winter chimneys waving truce against the moon so vivid.I get so easily to be IN this song like a character in a movie.
There she goes- always travelling travelling travelling. She is way out there, ahead of the rest.Like some pioneer. I guess its that urge for going.