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Taming the Tiger Print-ready version

by Devon Jackson
Harper's Bizarre
October 1998

"Big-deal releases from Courtney, Joni, PF and Sheryl show that these female performers are pushing their boundaries. Devon Jackson listens in...

"Likewise, Joni Mitchell has been bucking predictability since way back. Taming the Tiger (Reprise), the follow-up to her Grammy-winning Turbulent Indigo, released in 1994, finds Mitchell as pensive as ever, but with an odd air of contentment lurking underneath the longing and regret, and with a jauntier kick in her jazzy heels. She's refreshingly self-effacing; on "Face Lift", her mother tells her "You've seen too many movies, Joni/She said, 'Snap out of it!'". "Stay," in particular, is touching and emotionally pure (and hints at her newfound relationship with the daughter she gave up for adoption long ago). It's vintage Mitchell."

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